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Carilla Karahan is an award winning graphic designer and illustrator based in Istanbul/Turkey. He likes to experiment with the shapes and types. He got inspiration from everyday objects and try to see not easily noticable features. His main purpose is to gain experience from past work and always improve his skills.



GMK 41st Graphic Design Exhibition,

Best Graduation Student Project, Bikem Özsunay Best Student Project of the Year

II. International Poster Contest dedicated to the 130th anniversary of El Lissitzky UNOVIS. XXI Century, Second Prize

Lahti International Poster Triennial 2022,

Honorary Mention

"Music in the City, City in the Music" Poster Competition,

Honourable Mention


28th Izmir European Jazz Festival Poster Competition,

Third Prize

"FORM = RAKURS" poster competition dedicated to the 130th anniversary of Alexander Rodchenko, Second Prize


UNESCO "Resisting Disinfodemic" International Poster Competition, Honourable Mention

"For/Against" Theme Poster Competition Organized by Dydo Poster Gallery & Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Third Prize

"Remedy" Theme Poster Competition Organized by Poznan Art Week, Second Prize

"Cultural Heritage, One World, One Future" Theme Poster Competition Organized by Graphic Stories Cyprus, International Student Category, First Prize



"Engel/Sizken" Poster Competition Dedicated to 3th December International Day of Disabled Persons, First Prize

10th Human Rights Documentary Film Days Poster Competition, Honourable Mention

GMK 38th Graphic Design Exhibition, Cultural/Social Poster Category, Achievement Award

Graphic Matters Graphic Design Festival, Top 5 VIP Winners

4. International Poster Biennale Lublin, "Clean Air" Category, Third Prize

Mut Zur Wut 2019, Top 30 Winners

Selected Exhibitions


9th International Socio-Political Poster Biennale, Poland

PosterFest 03, Budapest

5th International Poster Biennale Lublin, Poland


BICeBé 2021, Bolivia Poster Biennial, Bolivia

Lahti Poster Triennial, 21st International

Poster Exhibition in Finland


Golden Bee, "Bauhaus 100" and "Peace Be With You" Categories, Russia

PDP Conference "All Stars" Exhibition, Serbia

"For/Against" Poster Exhibition, Dydo Poster Gallery, Poland

13th International Art Moves Festival, "Epidemics - a global catastrophe, a punishment, or a chance to reinvent yourself and the world?", Poland

Antwerp Poster Festival, "What's Your Type?", Belgium

"Visualize Music", Organized by Typographic Posters,

Ame Laroc Festival, Brazil

Graphic Stories Cyprus, "Cultural Heritage, One World, One Future", Cyprus



Graphic Design Festival Scotland, Glasgow

Madrid Grafica, "Sustainable Cities", Plaza de Oriente and Plaza Juan, Spain

Escucha Mi Voz, "I, Metropoli", Mexico/Argentina

3rd Posterland, International Poster Competition, Turkey

Dream Gigs Illustrated, Group Exhibition, ICAF 2019,  Turkey

15th “Jazz in the Ruins” Festival, “Jazz is a Man’s Thing”, Poland

4. International Poster Biennale Lublin, "Clean Air" and "450 Yrs. Of The Lublin Union" Categories, Poland

PosterJam Showcase, Group Exhibition in The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Romania

© 2023 by Carilla Karahan

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